Shollenberger Park

Shollenberger Park is across the Petaluma River from the proposed Dutra Haystack Landing Project as well as other industrial uses including Shamrock Materials aggregate storage and barge offloading facility. The panoramic below was taken from the Shollenberger Park path along the Petaluma River showing the current views park goers encounter today along the path which include older homes, docks, barns and industrial uses.

Panoramic photo of proposed site and surrounding area taken from Schollenberger Park
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The Petaluma River has a rich history as a “working” river with an active River frontage. If you take a boat ride on the Petaluma River from the San Pablo Bay, you will see many agricultural uses, industrial uses, older houses, barns, commercial uses, parks, marinas and a vibrant downtown Petaluma. The Petaluma River is an important waterway for industrial uses. Barges and tug boats transport industrial materials taking trucks off our highways and streets reducing traffic and Greenhouse Gas emissions which contribute to Global Warming.

The Haystack Landing Project has undergone nearly 5 years of environmental review by the County of Sonoma, State and Federal agencies through the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process. Rigorous environmental, health and safety protections are required by multiple governmental agencies. Organizations supporting the park have distributed flyers which contain false and misleading information on the impacts of the Dutra Haystack Landing Project.

Facts about the Dutra operations and Shollenberger Park

“Air pollution, according to the project’s EIR, is comprehensively avoided by the installation of a large, fully contained tunnel into which trucks are loaded with asphalt to prevent harmful gases from escaping. Concerns that black clouds of toxic smoke will drift over nearby Shollenberger Park are entirely unfounded, according to regional air quality control officials who have reviewed the project’s plans.”
Petaluma Argus-Courier Newspaper Editorial
Published: Thursday, January 29, 2009 | Click here to read the full editorial »

Air Quality near the Park: No Significant Health Risk

Study by Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is the government agency responsible for conducting health risk surveys and ensuring healthy air standards that will be in place at the Haystack Asphalt Plant. That agency, conducted a health risk assessment study on the proposed project assuming a person lived right next to the asphalt plant for 70 years. BAAQMD concluded the plant posed no significant health risk.

The new plant will be state-of-the-art, providing clean and efficient operations, and will be fully contained from the point where aggregate is loaded into the hoppers for asphalt production until the loaded trucks leave the facility. Air from these contained areas will be processed through two filtering systems before being released to the atmosphere.

Additionally, the potential for odors will be evaluated by BAAQMD in permitting the new facility. Obtaining and maintaining BAAQMD permits for all operations is a Condition of Approval for the project, and these permits will provide further restrictions on odors and emissions ensuring that park enthusiasts will not experience odors from the plant.

The Astec fiber bed system to be installed was specifically developed to control “Blue Smoke”. These systems have been installed at numerous asphalt facilities in California and elsewhere, and have been determined to meet the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standards required by state and federal environmental regulatory agencies.

Hours of Operation

Normal operating hours for the plant will be 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and will only operate at night or on the weekends when required to do so by Caltrans, County or municipal projects that require nighttime or weekend deliveries.

The Dutra Materials Asphalt Plant is a relocation of a plant operation–not a new use in Petaluma

Dutra Materials operated an asphalt plant and barge offloading facility in Petaluma for 20 years at the quarry site on the west side of Highway 101. This proposal is for a relocation of those operations. The new plant and relocated operations will have state-of-the-art systems in place with even more stringent environmental protections.